Submissions Guidelines

24:7 considers both published and unpublished fiction, poetry, pictures, and art work.

To ensure orderly processing and reply, please follow these instructions:

Please email all submissions to:

Please send only one (1) piece of writing (one poem or one story or one essay) in a single email at a time. You may submit multiple pieces of writing, but please use a single email for each piece.

In each of your emails, indicate your name, email address, and the name of the piece in exactly this way:

For a piece without an attachment:
John Doe
"Name Of Piece."

John and Delilah first met by the lake and were eaten by a shark. The Shark was named Roy. Roy was blue and....

For a piece with an attachment:
John Doe
"Name Of Piece."

Attached please find "A Shark Named Roy" in MS Word format.

We would prefer not to recieve attachments. Whenever possible, please include the full text of your piece within the email. Please do not include any introductory remarks, biographies or notes. We're not trying to be rude, but the simpler and more orderly the email the faster we can log, read and reply to your submission. Exception: You can include a link to your website if it contains other work that you would like us to see.

Photographers and Artists
24:7 Magazine would like to receive at least 6 pieces (paintings, drawings, photographs) with each submission so that we will have enough work to display. Please attach your entire submission to one (1) email. Please try not to exceed 5 megabytes and attach graphics in jpeg format whenever possible. No zip files, please. Please contact us if you feel your work is a special case (for instance a single photo that can be broken down into 6 or more composite parts for display).

Postal Submissions
We do not accept postal submissions.

24:7 Magazine does not currently offer compensation for submissions. We also do not restrict authors/artists from selling their works elsewhere. The work is yours to disseminate as you see fit. We're just happy to do our part to bring your work to the public.

Contacting Us
Managing Editor Adam Saunders may be reached at:
Adam Saunders:

The editors endeavor to reply in a timely manner. Your patience is appreciated; please inquire when in doubt.
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