by Mike Palecek

Three kids in El Salvador
Their heads chopped off
Just last night after prayers

Well, good morning, Maria
How are you?
Thank you. I’m just fine.
I’ll take my messages. Anything to sign?

And a mom in North Omaha can’t find the
Milk bag, ’cause it’s all gone
Her kids are crying, where’s the Cheerios, some suckers?
Go on
Stay out of the street, hon’

Well, good morning, Maria
And how are you?
Thank you.
I’m just fine.

Ah, it’s a beautiful day, says Congressman Bob
America’s safe and strong
Good morning, Maria
Can’t stay too long
It’s a fine life, but hectic, they say.

Overhead there’s a big plane, too loud
We can’t hear, what the priest he is saying
Something about Jesus, I’m sure

And the kids sit on the street
Licking their treat
Their mom in her blood she does lay
And Congressman Bob is enjoying his job.
Who wouldn’t want it that way.