by Larry Cruikshank

I took a want ad out
for psychics.
It was a joke
the last week before
I vacated the office space.
Everything else was pretty much gone
the desk remained and a file cabinet.
So I placed the advertisement.
Help Wanted: Psychics needed
must be flexible.
I received a dozen calls that first day
some were out there, tweaked
but one woman seemed genuine.
When she arrived for the interview I asked
her to touch her toes. She did.
She was very flexible. Then I asked
why she came? Knowing
she wouldn’t get the job. Puzzled,
she asked what I meant.
If you were really a psychic, I said
you would have known ahead of time
what the outcome would be.
She just smiled.
We were married three months later.
I have a new office
for my law practice and she
works, of course, as a psychic.