by Graham T. Walsh

On the bus to school some ‘bigger boys’ - third
or fourth formers - are
sitting in front and talking about
the Sex Pistols new single
the Daily Express said it had been banned
from the radio, but one
was saying he’d heard it
and it went like this:
(to a musical accompaniment of hands drumming
on a sports bag)
“God save the queen
the fascist regime
that made you a moron
potential haitch bomb!”

he followed up with a da-na-na-na style
guitar riff and a few more lines
“god save the queen
cause tourists are money
and our figurehead
it not what she seems
oh, we love our queen
we mean it maaaan!”
an approximation of a guitar solo
with fingers dancing through the air, naturally
and a final, joyous chant -
“no future, no future, no future for you!”

and it was as if some secret
door had been opened.