by C. Cryf

I look in the mirror sometimes, and self-esteem stares back! I look in my underwear sometimes and gain self esteem from the size of my penis! Sometimes I do something so vulgar and disgusting, it makes me happy that I could, and this gives me self esteem! Sometimes my hair just has that special gleam! Sometimes I sit, and look at the muscles in my arm! So developed! So beautiful! My race, the human race, that is, gives me self esteem. Not the race as in our values and actions, but our amazing form and what we are! Muscles working! We grow and excite! We act in perfect harmony with our bones and muscles! How did it all start? I stare at this arm, so succulent, so sweet to me! I am ready to eat if it was just acceptable in our society! My physique gives me self esteem! I look in the mirror and flex my chest muscles, my beautiful pecs! My rock hard nipples stare back like the headlights on a 57 chevy! Oh so pretty and sweet in their own way! So tasty that if flesh was an edible truth I would steal little children and eat them! Even what I just combobuluted on this paper gave me esteem! My writing style is far better than any of those who think that their’s is good! When I walk down the street and see all the honeys check out my tight buttocks, their warm, wet, succulent, mouth-watering stares give me self-esteem! Then I think about how I could please them! I would be the one who would really bring them to climax! I would give a whippin’ to that G-spot! They’d be proud to tell all of their friends that I was the mac-dad! The one who gave a hittin’ and kept on tickin’ ! Every time I would see them after that, would think to myself about how pleased they were, and my esteem would come back once again! I go to school, and my grades give me esteem! I say, “Wow! A 59, I think that I’ll go home and kill myself! I will write a note telling all you asses who ruined my self esteem, how much I hate you! The nights that I sat in bed and cried! The nights that thought I was good in the afternoon, and by school’s end, how much of a lop of fleshy shit was! You hurt my self-esteem! You scarred it! You ate it like my arm and then you spit it out! You spit it out like a fat, juicy loogy! I could never forgive you all! My esteem is the god flesh of my thoughts! It paces waiting for the new breed to hatch from the collective uterus of the milky way! So milky like the arm of my eye!” Mustard and cheese is what I desire! It will rid my mouth of the aftertaste of something that I had thought would give me self-esteem! It just left a fishy taste in my dirty mouth!