by Donovan Chase

What follows will make no sense.
I intend for this to happen,
And so it will.
I want my poem to be considered deep, so I’ll have it make no sense.
I’ll use random bits of
pretentious nonsense,
To make a point
That doesn’t exist.

I’ll capitalize words for no reason,
Other than to make people think they’re important,
When they’re not.
I use words together that have nothing to do with each other
Like Purple Death,
just to seem morbid and deep,
when it’s not.

I’ll use “vague but disturbing imagery”
Like the idea of someone taking a cat
and putting it in a cheese taco
to make the poem seem to have meaning.

My poem will live forever
When english teachers ask students to interpret it.
To the students, it will seem like stupidity written on paper.
They’ll be right.

I wonder if l can get a grant from the NEA
for a poem that makes no sense.
Why not? It hasn’t stopped them before.

I think I’ll make up words
like “drizzable,” “scurned,” and “plewestry”
Just so people will think they’re deep and meaningful.

I m running out of’room

I’ll make oblique references to g-d
comparing Him to a Snickers bar
Just so people will think i have some deep philosophical point

But I see I don’t have the space to do So.

I’ll have to end my poem here.


It made sense after all.