24:7 Readers:
I have finally gotten off my bum to convert 24:7 Magazine into a more easy to update (read: blog) format. I’ve completed uploading all the archived poetry and prose previously printed in 24:7. Soon, I’ll find a way to post photos and other artwork.

Please continue to send in submissions. We will add new work as it comes in. Our new address for submissions is “247submissions at G Mail dot com.

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About 24:7 Magazine
24:7 Magazine was first conceived and organized in 1996 and first published online in January of 1997.

To present both unpublished and previously published poetry, prose, artwork and photography. We do not favor any particular genre, theme, trope, writing style or subject matter.

Publication Schedule
Whenever, but we are working now to create a system that will allow us to begin publishing more frequently. Our goal is to publish a continuous stream of pieces as well as more formal magazine releases quarterly.

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